Transylvania High Tech Solutions SRL

Nr. birou: 310

Transylvania High Tech it’s a highly innovative software company, mainly dealing with developing of chatbots, mobile, web and Ethereum Blockchain Smart contracts.

Besides offering consultancy for ICOs (Initial Coin/Token Offering) we are also exploring potential uses of the blockchain technology beyond crypto-currency. We can help on matters of designing the token structure & internal economy and design smart contracts that will work on the Ethereum blockchain network.

Services that we can offer:
WEB: Node.js, PHP, .NET, Angular(1/4), jQuery, CSS3
Mobile: Ionic, Native iOS and Android
Chatbots: custom development
Blockchain Development: Smart Contracts using Solidity + Truffle, Token(ERC20) Crowdsale.
Advisory and additional services for ICOs – Initial coin/token offerings on Ethereum and private blockchain networks.