Name: Logic Idea Studios SRL-D

Motto: Do you have logic inside?

Domain of activity: Activities of web portals, data processing, hosting and related activities.

Story about us

Logic Idea Studios was born from the desire to create something different than the other browser games present in the market. Every day we are taking hundreds of smaller or larger decisions, so we decided to be helped by our logic and build something fun and educative.

Why play our game

It’s simple. In our game you decide how you manage your time, inside it, and not anybody else. You will have to be capable to use your own logic to proceed in the adventure that you will have ahead of you. We wish you best of luck!

Until the Logic Idea Studios’ game release we will leave this here for you to solve:

“You saw it and you will see it

You will have it and you will not see it.”


INCUBOXX – Biroul 414


+40 356 806 077