Name:  Acumen Development Centre (ADC)

Motto: We sharpen your competitive edge

Domain of activity:  Business Intelligence and Performance Management Solution Development

Acumen Development Centre is a Business Intelligence specialist. To be able to meet and sustain new growth we established in 2015 Acumen Development Center or ADC, right here at INCUBOXX in Timisoara. We want to become the center of excellence for Business Intelligence solution development. With ADC we serve clients accross Europe to solve reporting and planning problems using BI tools and technologies.

We specialize in end-2-end solution implementation and service tracks using tools from IBM, Microsoft, Oracle and alike. Our added value to clients is that we can talk and understand business but have the technical knowledge and expertise to solve business problems with technology driven solutions.

Our combined experience spans decades. But in Timisoara we are a new company with all the opportunities that come with a growing organization. The blend of an international context, languages and cultures, a mix of technology and business, different clients, make ADC an interesting place to work. Our success is defined by our people, that makes us believe that our company can only be successful if we facilitate our people to be equally successful.


INCUBOXX – Biroul 418


+40 736 085 019